Stoltenberg welcomes contacts between NATO-allied countries and Russia


NATO is elaborate for a more constructive and cooperative relationship with Russia, NATO Secretary Run-of-the-mill Jens Stoltenberg said in an exclusive interview with TASS winning of the alliance summit due on May 25.

“NATO is working for a more constructive and cooperative relationship with Russia and that’s also the owing to why we are continuing our dialogue with Russia,” he said.

“It’s not easy, but that’s certainly why it is important, because we are addressing so many difficult issues like Ukraine, military ventures, the need for more transparency, predictability,” Stoltenberg added.

According to him, “these numbers are important because we have to solve these issues to be able to defuse tensions and to get to a haler relationship.”

“I also welcome that there is contact on a bilateral raze between NATO-allied countries and Russia. We have seen different unions, foreign ministers, some of them also met with president Putin,” the NATO secretary unspecialized pointed out.

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“I know as a Norwegian politician, that it’s possible to have a pragmatic post relationship with Russia,” he went on to say. “Norway developed that with Russia concluded decades. Even during the cold war we had good working relationships with Russia on multitudinous issues: on border issues, on visa-free travel for the people living in the be adjacent to regions, on energy, on fishery,” Stoltenberg added.

“Even on military dilemmas we had and still have cooperation between Norway and Russia. So it is possible, we press seen it before and therefore we will continue to strive for it,” he said. When chosen of the Russia-NATO Council meetings held in 2016, he noted that “there has been a palatable and frank atmosphere in the meeting.”

“We have discussed Ukraine, but also discussed our military frame of mind, briefed on exercises, and I think, that’s at least one step in the right pointing,” he added. “Our message is that we have a dual-track approach: we need concurrence, we need deterrence, defense and alliance, but at the same time we are pursuing discussion because Russia is our neighbor, Russia is there to stay. Russia is a neighbor which we wish like to develop a better relationship with,” Stoltenberg concluded.

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