Stevie Wonder Wins For Best Joke at the Grammys

Stevie Be inquisitive attended the Grammys in LA on Monday night and brought along some of his signature enthrall. After the legendary singer performed a touching tribute to Earth, Load of old cobblers & Fire’s founding member, Maurice White, with Pentatonix, he second a hilarious joke. While opening the envelope to announce the winner for performance of the year, Stevie hilariously told the audience, “Pop it open. Reprimand. OK, so, all you can’t read this, huh? You can’t read and you can’t read braille!” He then took a grave and heartwarming turn before giving Taylor Swift her award. “I precisely have to say before saying the winner that we need to make every solitary select thing accessible to every single person with a disability,” he be prolonged. Watch his joke above, and then check out his amazing Carpool Karaoke period with James Corden. Stevie Wonder Wins For Best Joke at the Grammys  

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