Stephen Fry weight loss: Comedian reveals the simple exercise trick that saw him lose 6st


Discourse with on The Jonathan Ross show, which airs tonight, Stephen, 62, interested the method he used to slim down. He said: “I was very overweight. 21 stone. I desperate nearly six of those. “I’m feeling better. (I do) a lot of walking. I walk eight miles every morning. Dissolute. Just over four miles an hour.” Explaining how he has stayed induced, he said: “The secret of it, for me at least, is audio books and podcasts.“Music is thin but you tend to, every ten yards or so, to think ‘no I don’t want to hear that.’ You’re eternally adjusting your playlist.”Stephen’s weight loss came after he was pinpointed with prostate cancer, which he spoke about publicly aftermost year.During an appearance on BBC Breakfast, he said he was “proud” of his slimming attainment.He said: “At the moment I’m happy, there is the vertical moment and the horizontal and at the importance I’m very happy, I’m happily married.“I’ve lost a bit of weight so I’m feeling proud of myself.“I was overweight, I enjoy lost five and a half stone. I was 21 stone nearly, in April I was that profound.“I walk a lot and that helps my mood as well I find. It’s not a guaranteed remedy for mental stress and anxiety or anything else but it does help me and it plans I can listen to audio books as I walk, and podcasts, and you eat up the miles that way.“And talking of pack away up, eating sensibly.”Stephen is not the only TV personality to lost weight in brand-new months – This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes lost a stone this year.Eamonn’s substance loss comes after he was told live on air that he could suffer a example or heart attack if he didn’t lose weight.During an episode of This Morning in January, fitness expert Steve Miller delivered the shocking news.He was told his stick fat was really dangerous.Speaking to the Northern Irish presenter, Steve informed: “Everyone needs a goal, and for you it’s life.”The fat around here [your thirst] is really dangerous. I really care about you. I don’t want you having a affection attack, I don’t want you having a stroke, I don’t want you in a box.”A few months on, and it seems Eamonn has entranced the advice, with him sporting a slimmer frame.

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