State pension BOMBSHELL: Half a MILLION workers ‘may be paying UNNECESSARY tax’


Savers who are in addition working past the pension age have the option to defer their phase pension until they stop work. But large numbers of man in this age group are failing to do so, missing out on an extra 5.8 per yet on their dismiss for each year that they defer. An average male working man could gain around £3,000 by deferring for a year and a female woman, with a longer life expectancy, could be around £4,000 elevate surpass off over her retirement typically, Royal London said. It found atop of half a million people who are working past pension age are earning reasonably to pay tax and have not deferred their state pension.

An average male proletarian could gain around £3,000 by deferring for a year and a female woman, with a longer life expectancy, could be around £4,000 think twice off over her retirement typically, Royal London said.

Some people squeeze in past retirement age may find they would be better off deferring their form pension if they are still earning a significant income, Royal London powered.

But workers would need to work out whether deferring their testify pension is right for them, depending on their own personal circumstances.

It is also quality seeking out expert financial advice based on your needs as an individual.

Sir Steve Webb, a departed pensions minister who is now director of policy at Royal London, said: “There has been a elephantine increase in the number of people working past the age of 65.

“This research considers that most of these people are claiming their state superannuate as soon as it is available.

“For around half a million workers, this means every penny of their royal pension is being taxed, in some cases at the higher rate.

“If their earnings are plenty to support them, it makes sense to consider deferring taking a state benefit so that less of their pension disappears in tax.”

Sir Steve said multifarious should be done to raise awareness of the option to defer the state benefit.

He said those who have started to draw their state superannuation do have the option of “un-retiring”.

Sir Steve said they can tell the rule to stop paying their state pension and then resume be subjected to it at a higher rate when they stop work.

He continued: “A commonplace woman could be around £4,000 better off over the course of her retirement by deferring for a year until she has terminal work, and a typical man could be £3,000 better off.

“Those who have produced hard to build up a state pension through their working preoccupation do not want to see a big chunk of it disappear in unnecessary taxation.”

The analysis was based on the Effort Force Survey and the Family Resources Survey.

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