State pension anger: 50s women ‘beyond furious’ as age change gravely effects health


Backto60 campaigner Deena Uninhabited explained that in just several days, the campaign grew into 54,000 broads as she said they are “beyond fury”. For Mrs Wild herself, the effects of possessing wait for her pension has caused anxiety and high blood pressure. Campaigners dissension pension age discrimination say the Government is treating 3.8 million women unfairly as they are being unnatural to wait up to six years longer than planned for their state put out to pasture. The activists launched a fresh legal challenge to appeal the decision this month after an abortive High Court battle.

Speaking to, Ms Scheme said: “The fact speaks for itself that in the last several light of days, the last I looked we were 54,000.

“These women are so beyond fury because it is a requisite to save their lives.

“They have to fight this toss ones hat in the ring and in terms of myself, I was perfectly healthy and I now have very high blood lean on that I’m now monitoring.

“I also have to have medication for anxiety because I’m stumping and seeing all these women’s stories and it all has an effect.

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But 50s women are seeking compensation as they claim the alteration has been poorly implemented, do a disappearing act them distressed and unable to prepare.

Ms Wild said: “Some of these ladies who are actually dying.

“They’re committing suicide, they’re having to betray to prostitution at the age of 63, I know one woman.

“They’re having to sell their adept ins, live in cars, sofa-surfing.”

She continued: “Right now, there are women starving and would rathe to live at food banks.”

For confidential support call the Samaritans in the UK on 116 123 or go a local Samaritans branch.

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