State pension age? You could get £140 off electricity bill this winter – who qualifies?


The winter can be an valuable time for a whole host of reasons, and many people can be concerned concerning the cost of increasing their use of gas and electricity during this time. In conduct to help people make ends meet, some will be capable to benefit from a £140 discount off their electricity bill, high a scheme known as the Warm Home Discount Scheme.

Manner, the money is not paid directly to the eligible person.

Instead, this is a one-off omit on one’s electricity bill, between September to March.

Should one’s supplier give them with both gas and electricity, then they may instead be gifted to get the discount on their gas bill.

The government website directs a person to contact their supplier to put ones finger on out whether this is possible.

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State pension age: Some people may be proficient to benefit from the Warm Home Discount Scheme (Image: GETTY)

The disregard does not affect payments such as the Cold Weather Payment or Winter Stimulate Payment.

Who qualifies for the Warm Home Discount Scheme?

There are two route in which a person can qualify for the Warm Home Discount Scheme.

This incorporates if one gets the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit.


The other way is if a person is on a low income and they meet their forcefulness supplier’s criteria for the scheme.

The way in which they qualify for the discount touches how they apply for the Warm Home Discount Scheme.

Guarantee Praise element of Pension Credit

To qualify for Pension Credit, a person be required to live in England, Scotland or Wales, and they or their partner obligated to have reached state pension age.

State pension age: Some Old-age pension Credit recipients could benefit from the scheme (Image: GETTY)

Reflecting a change to Pension Credit eligibility, from May 15 2019, if one is in a couple they resolution only be eligible to start getting Pension Credit if ether:

  • They and their ally have both reached state pension age
  • One person is getting Quarters Benefit for people over state pension age.

The Guarantee Credit feature of Pension Credit is a top-up amount which tops up one’s weekly gains if it is below £167.25 for a single person or £255.25 for couples.

Should a mortal physically get the Guarantee Credit of Pension Credit, they will qualify for the Irate Home Discount Scheme if, on July 7 2019, their name (or their fellow-dancer’s) was on the bill, and their energy supplier was part of the scheme.

A list of stick-to-it-iveness suppliers which are part of the scheme has been detailed on the government website.

These people inclination receive a letter between October and December 2019, telling them how to get the detract from if they qualify.

The government website says that eligible being’s electricity supplier will apply the discount to their bill by March 31, 2020.

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