Start Losing Weight Now With These 10 Realistic Tricks


The catch post was originally featured on Fit Bottomed Girls and written by Jenn, who is section of POPSUGAR Select Fitness.

Start Losing Weight Now With These 10 Realistic Tricks

You guys are so smart. And so pretty. And just so darn breathtaking. Recently, we put a call out for your best weight-loss tips and tricks. Because, although we be dressed our own proven ways of doing it in a sane and non-torturous FBG-a-fied way, we always fianc hearing what new ingenious things work for you guys. And, man, you guys attracted it. Just check out the nuggets of weight-loss wisdom you dropped!

  1. Be consistent. If you are starting a suitability plan, make it simple. But most of all be consistent. Do 30 minutes of some fashion of cardio every day. Don’t miss it and make it a habit. Even if it’s walking. —Connie
  2. Map out and prep. At the beginning of the week, plan and prep meals — and plan how/when you compel get your body moving in a way that makes you smile. Planning joy into your effervescence in terms of how you feed your body, how you move your body and how you nurture and tend for your soul (managing stress, mpering yourself, etc.) seem to be the essential to me. —Elisa
  3. Stay busy! It burns calories and prevents boredom break bread. —Cheryl
  4. Focus on how you feel. The less sugar you eat, the less you crave it, for true! NO fast food! I have found eating four small spreads a day helps . . . and don’t go by the scale, go by the way you feel. Seriously commit to 14 days, and you’ll be hooked! —Amy
  5. Bundle it up. cking breakfast, lunch and a snack in the morning takes less than 30 records and helps me stay on track. “Fail to plan, and you plan to down.” Amirite? —Grisella
  6. Get back to basics. Exercise at least four eras per week, eat real food, drink plenty of water and get some doze. —Marian
  7. Batch your cooking. Cook for the week and portion out your subsistence every Sunday. —Tara
  8. Get a hobby. Find a hobby that insures your hands HAVE to stay clean and busy! Crochet, joining, crafting of any type. You end up with a cool project, and since your disburse a delivers are busy, you’re not using them to eat snacks you shouldn’t have!!! —Anne
  9. Hide it simple. Eat less. Move around more. —Jennifer
  10. And our personal favorite: don’t diet! It’s a lifestyle mutate . . . not a diet!! Eat more whole foods, exercise and sleep. If you look after to want to snack at night, brush your teeth for the night premature … then you won’t be as tempted to eat, because then you would have to do it all again. —Mindy

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