Star Trek Picard cast: Who is Elnor? Meet mysterious Romulan character


Who is Elnor in Luminary Trek Picard?

Elnor (played by Evan Evagora) was introduced in the current instalment called Absolute Candor.

The character is a warrior Romulan unexploded on the planet Vashti, which was inhabited by displaced Romulans.

Elnor and Picard were reunited when the in turned up on the planet to enlist more people to his cause.

Picard remembered Elnor when he was orphaned as a child and is something of a father-figure to him.

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“Agreed-upon how he was raised, he was in a sect of these warrior nuns known as the Mowat Milat.

“The compelling thing about that is he is the only male in this female school of thought of warriors, so I guess you’ll see some feminine traits among Elnor.”

Evagora declined on say: “They practice this thing known as Absolute Candor, so they don’t identify how to lie and will only every speak their mind and speak the correctness.

“You can imagine how a character like that on board The Last Surrender with this array of in keepings and how that will play-off.”

Evagora’s words hint at potential and unintentional controversy with the rest of the group.

The Australian star confirmed Elnor leave be a major recurring character in the series.

He teased: “After this instalment, you’ll see more of Elnor.”

The role of Elnor is the first major part for the highland star, who has previously starred in Fantasy Island and Secret City.

He allowed he was cast last-minute in Star Trek: Picard and was drawn to the role because of his love for the sci-fi franchise and poor to work with Stewart.

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