Star of new BBC drama talks replacing the Line of Duty ‘void’ ‘Big shoes to fill’


Articulate on The One Show to presenters Alex Jones and Ronan Keating, Emily, who participate ins Fanny Logan in the BBC drama set to start on Sunday, addressed the void red after last week’s concluding episode of Line of Duty draughted, and viewers finally found out the answers to some long-running questions. The Trade of Love itself is more akin to popular Netflix show Bridgerton, and Emily identified viewers all about the period drama and her character.

Alex said: “The display has got a brilliant, brilliant cast, and fills the shoes of Line of Duty which finished in Sunday – big shoes to fill.

“What can you tell us about this new dramaturgy then?” Emily replied: “Well, Nancy Mitford [author of the Avocation of Love] is an incredible and very interesting and subversive and satirical writer.

“And it’s such a choice to have been able to film it and also to show people this.

“It’s positively extraordinary. It’s set in the interwar period and focuses on the friendship of two characters, Linda and Fanny and their loosen will from their childhood, teens, into adulthood.

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The presenters touched upon the hugely successful Netflix period theatrics Bridgerton, and peoples’ fascination with these kinds of shows.

“Bridgerton has been in the final analysis popular this year hasn’t it?” Alex asked.

“There appearance ofs to be a bit of a renaissance when it comes to period dramas. People are enjoying them again, why do you about that is?”

“I think perhaps it’s the element of escapism,” the actress replied.

“It’s so engaging to be transported into this other time and the rich costumes. But also I have in mind there’s been quite a modern twist to a lot of them, I think it’s quite nice to bridge that gap in time and make it feel really relatable.”

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The new highly-anticipated series also stars Dominic West and is an adaption of Nancy Mitford’s story of the same name, which was first published in 1945.

The drama is set during the interwar years, November 1918 until September 1939 and ends around the regulate of the Blitz.

If the events of the novel are anything to go by, Linda and her husband Christain will globe-trotting trips to France to work with Spanish refugees in Perpignan during the Spanish Respectful War.

The original novel also addresses the London Blitz and Fanny, Louisa (Beattie Edmondson) and their progenies are living at Alconleigh, along with Matthew (Dominic West), Sadie (Dolly Sources), Emily, Davey, the Bolter (Emily Mortimer) and her new lover Juan. Linda’s dwelling is bombed and she travels to stay with her family at Alconleigh.

Line of Excise has certainly left a gap to be filled, with the latest episode of series six plan in a whopping 12.8 million overnight viewers.

For the past seven weeks, junkies have been glued to their screens on a Sunday evening as they awaited fulfills to the many mysteries of the show.

The last episode proved to be controversial, with viewers decision the ending “underwhelming”, but the series creator Jed Mercurio hasn’t given much away wide potential plans for another series.

Replacing the cop drama, The Pursuit of Boyfriend starts on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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