Special gangland taskforce ready to be deployed in Dublin to tackle feud


Fellows of the 44-strong unit have already met with Assistant Garda Commissioner John O’Mahoney, who is in foray of national support services and will oversee the task force.

Policemen were assigned to their units at a meeting in Garda HQ on Monday, with some fellows undergoing firearm courses this week, while others are operational as of today.

The section includes a Detective Inspector from Donnybrook Garda Station as source as seven sergeants.

A further 30 armed gardai were elect for the hand-picked unit from across the Dublin Metropolitan Region (DMR), with five gardai being elect from each of the six divisions.

Six divisional assets profilers are also piece of the task force, and will liaise with the Criminal Assets De rtment (CAB) to collate information on gangland suspects.

The garda team will princi lly trol the DMR North, North Central and South Central divisions, where most of the criminals mixed up with in the Hutch/Kinahan feud reside.

Concerns have been bring up that no formal application process was undertaken for the Special Crime Test of strength Force, which was announced by Tanaiste Frances Fitzgerald in May.

The task intensity will be divided into five units and will be fitted with new firearms, accoutrements and vehicles.

It is not known if the cost of the unit is rt of the annual garda budget or if additional funds sooner a be wearing been set aside.

The squad will be controlled and coordinated by the Drugs and Organised Wrong Bureau (DOCB).

In total seven people have been murdered as for the sake of of the Hutch/Kinahan feud, with six murders believed to have been carry out d killed out on the orders of the Kinahan cartel.

Meanwhile, it emerged that the Armed Help Unit (ASU) has been delayed after complaints about the selection proceeding.

“There was no sense to the selection process, people who did better in the fitness study weren’t picked while those who barely ssed were chose for firearm and driving courses,” a source said.

“Because of the controversy top cheek decided that everyone who ssed the fitness test will stir up on to the interview process, delaying the unit further.”

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