Space war fears: World must act NOW in face of Russia threat, warn experts


The Russian apologia ministry tested a new satellite, which performed checks on space accoutrements, on July 15. The head of the UK’s Space Directorate Air Vice-Marshal Harvey Smyth afterward accused Russia of “launching a projectile with the characteristics of a weapon”, sign such actions “threaten the peaceful use of space”. Mathieu Boulegue, a dig into fellow with Chatham House’s Russia and Eurasia Programme, and Dr Beyza Unal, a higher- ranking research fellow with its International Security Programme, outlined their charges in an article published on the London-based think tank’s website.


They forgave: “Space has been militarised since 1957 with the launch of Soviet vassal Sputnik.

“But the increasing weaponisation of space adds more uncertainty, and uncovers more vulnerabilities, that states need to address before period warfare becomes a reality.

“Space is for all but there is a risk that it is being hijacked by a few.

A new era of set out war could soon be upon us (Image: GETTY)

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President (Image: GETTY)

“It is time to re-assert and reinforce the rules, principles and norms of important state behaviour in outer space enshrined in the 1967 Outer Seat Treaty and its associated international agreements.

“And, because the treaty specifically bars stationing nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction in track or on celestial bodies, it is necessary to build on it to ban other types of weapons in latitude.

“Russia is not the only state investigating anti-satellite weaponry capabilities.

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Tobias Ellwood MP (Image: GETTY)

Mr Boulegue and Dr Unal added: “Russian place activities also have a cyber and electronic warfare angle.

“With the avoid of remote-sensing capabilities, Russian spy satellites potentially seek to disrupt military and civilian moon communications and navigation systems.

“Indeed, in 2018, French authorities publicly accused Russia of seeking to trap communication satellites for French and Italian armed forces putting text transmission through Western civilian and military satellites at risk of interception.”

The affair was reported days before the publication of the Russia Report by Parliament’s Wisdom and Security Committee, which concluded the UK had “badly underestimated” the threat profess to bed by Moscow.

Xi Jinping, President of China (Image: GETTY)

Speaking after Air Vice-Marshal Smyth’s elucidations, Tobias Ellwood, Tory MP for Bournemouth East and a former captain in the Imposing Green Jackets, tweeted: “WEAPONISATION of space has been quietly speeding for decades & reflects the changing character of conflict.

“Unless we invest sundry in countering these developing dimensions of warfare & improve our collective allied feedback our satellites will be easy targets for hostile actors.”

Mr Ellwood up to date month warned of the risk China also posed in the arena of spaciousness, and was already plotting to “take out” the United States’ Global Positioning Pattern (GPS) satellite constellation.

He told “They will do it is a very slick way. They will send a bit of moon rock from one satellite, spittle it out, or zap it with a bit of infrared radiation, something like that.

US President Donald Trump (Concept: GETTY)

“It is already happening now – China has got satellites which circle other satellites.

“It’s the OK Corral out there – nobody knows what’s taking place and this is the danger that we face.”

“The frontier of conflict has now advanced.

“It hardened to be like the Battle of Britain – if you ruled the skies you then dominated what go oned beneath. Now it’s up in the heavens.”

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