South Korea reports its biggest one-day jump in cases in eight months.


South Korea recounted 583 new cases of the coronavirus on Thursday, the biggest daily caseload since prematurely March, as health officials struggled to contain a third wave.

South Korea banged more than 800 daily cases in late February, when a bigness infection clustered around a church in the southeastern city of Daegu set off a in front wave. The second wave hit the country in August, with cases peaking at 441, after the virus spread in the long run from a church gathering, participants at an outdoor rally and nightclub chaps in Seoul.

The latest surge in infections started this month, spreading through smaller clusters across the country, with outbreaks reported in apartment-block saunas, sashay halls and military training camps, health officials said.

In the quondam week, officials have tightened social-distancing rules, banning assemblies of more than 100 people, shutting down nightclubs and appropriating only takeout services in coffee shop chains.

“We are now in a situation where virus outbreaks can come about at any place, infecting the young and old, men and women, alike,” Health Minister Store Neung-hoo said on Thursday. “With the third wave getting bigger and spreading solidly, we must strictly follow social-distancing rules.”

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