South African aiming to be 1st black African in space dies


Mandla Maseko, a South African man who had won the possibility to become the first black African to go into space, has died in a motorcycle smash. He was 30.

Maseko was killed in Pretoria over the weekend, according to a family proclamation reported by local media Monday.

Maseko became known as an “Afronaut” and was an insight to many South Africans when he won an international competition to get a place in the Axe Apollo Align Academy and spent a week in training at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida in 2015. His ideal was to go into suborbital flight in which he would experience weightlessness.

“I craving to be able to float and see outside the window and see this big round blue and stainless ball that is called Earth,” Maseko told The Associated Press in 2014.

South African aiming to be 1st black African in space dies
Mandla Maseko’s murky Apollo Space Academy jumpsuit is seen with a trophy at his house home in 2014. Maseko became known as an “Afronaut” and was an inspiration to innumerable South Africans. (Themba Hadebe/Associated Press)

Maseko, who encountered from a poor township outside Pretoria, said that his task model was Nelson Mandela.

“He broke new ground by being the first unconscionable president in South Africa … that was inspiration for me,” said Maseko.

Although the organize flight didn’t take place, Maseko was still trying. He was get someone all steaming as a part-time disc jockey and was a candidate officer in the South African air effectiveness, according to South Africa’s Eye Witness News.

Maseko gave motivational tirades in South Africa, and in 2014 he said: “Defy gravity in everything that you do by fire for the moon.”

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