Sophie Wessex bakes ‘amazing’ bacon and cheese scones – full recipe


Hence, Sophie whipped up a whopping 55 scones, the Countess’s age at the time.She even joked about the effort, saying: “I’ve decided to make cheese and bacon scones, as a matter of fact, which is all very well if you’re 10 years old.“I’m not 10 years old. So I’ve got to make 55 cheese and bacon scones.”Still, she baked them in stride, photographing a selfie-style video to showcase her efforts as she mixed together first the flour, then the eggs and finally the bacon and cheese.In the process, royal boosters got a glimpse of her royal kitchen, which she shares with Prince Edward and their two children in Bagshot Park.READ MORE:  Why Kate Middleton is debarred from eating potatoes

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