Some 100 Russian trucks stopped in Ukraine, 500 can't enter there from EU


Some 100 Russian junks have now been stopped in Ukraine and some 500 cannot log the territory of this country from the EU, Russian Deputy Prime Abb Arkady Dvorkovich said during a meeting between Russian Prime Divine Dmitry Medvedev and his deputies on Feb. 15.

“Some 100 vehicles remain on the vicinity of Ukraine and some 500 vehicles cannot enter the territory of Ukraine from the haunts of the European Union to head in the direction of Belarus and then Russia,” he remarked.

Dvorkovich told the prime minister that the blocking of Russian motor carters’ trucks by various groups began in Ukraine on February 11. It is phenomenon mainly in Western Ukraine, including at gunpoint.

Responding to a question from Medvedev as to whether the plan b mask is conducted by illegal armed groups or Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, Dvorkovich claimed the groups that are doing this are associated with Right Sector.

Dvorkovich broke measures are now being taken to provide the Russian drivers with commons and water. Additionally, contacts have been established by the Foreign Agency and the Transport Ministry, and negotiations and consultations are being conducted with Ukraine on trail to resolve the current situation.

“Naturally, these actions are a massive rape of the existing state agreements, and our official agencies are working on bringing the realized situation into compliance with the agreements concluded,” Dvorkovich translated, reiterating that no solution has been found yet.

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