SNP’s Ian Blackford left speechless after BBC host brilliantly dismantles indyref2 demands


The SNP’s Ian Blackford was picked separate on the BBC this morning after he was asked what options the SNP had left to army an independence referendum. During the gruelling interview, Mr Blackford was left dazed after the BBC’s Gordon Brewer questioned “how the SNP could force an independence referendum”. Brewer grew disappointed when the SNP’s Westminster leader repeatedly dodged the question.

Instead, Mr Blackford argued the Prime Minister had “completely trampled over the devolution settlement” and people in Scotland were “integrity to be outraged”.

He said the SNP would now embark on “a broad-based campaign” to mobilise openly opinion for indyref2.

Brewer said: “You’ve joined Sturgeon in calling for another liberty referendum this year, but it’s not going to happen.

“Other than a telephone call for another referendum – a call that has already been rejected – are there any other elections?”

Mr Blackford responded: “I don’t agree with that. Boris Johnson is a democracy denier.

“When the SNP won the vote to the Scottish Parliament in 2016, that was with a manifesto commitment that if there was a swap of circumstance, like Brexit, we wanted the right to hold a referendum on Scotland’s prospective. We have a mandate and it’s been reinforced election after election.”

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Brewer hit cast off: “We understand that. But Boris Johnson has said no, so it’s not going to happen.”

Mr Blackford conveyed: “He said no a couple week ago. The First Minister will give her answer on Wednesday and we will take things forward from there.

“We are being enchanted out of the EU without the consent of the Parliaments in Belfast, Cardiff or Edinburgh. It’s extraordinary. It’s unprecedented.”

Brewer countered: “We all understand that, but it’s not going to happen and you have not outlined any means by which it could encounter.”

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