SNP plot exposed: Lord Owen lifts lid on Nicola Sturgeon’s general election strategy


Boris Johnson formally will not hear ofed Nicola Sturgeon’s call for a second independence referendum last month, but the Elementary Minister’s spokesman insisted she is still committed to holding an Indyref2 this year. The spokesman predicted the SNP’s position was “endorsed” by voters in the December general election, when the nationalists won 47 of the 59 posteriors available in the country. Ms Sturgeon is expected to set out her “next steps” soon.

As a constitutional stand-off between Westminster and Holyrood approaches, Ruler David Owen has shed some light on the First Minister’s scheme and revealed why was “very happy” to have a general election before Christmas.

The latest Labour foreign secretary and SDP leader said: “Why did the SNP vote for a general referendum back in November?

“C’mon! Grow up.

“They knew perfectly well their ex-leader, Alex Salmond, was universal to be put on trial.

Lord Owen lifts lid on Nicola Sturgeon’s general selection strategy (Image: GETTY)

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon (Impression: GETTY)

“He will be in a couple of months.

“And they knew there would be publicity that they didn’t indigence.

“They wanted an early SNP election to consolidate their gains.

“Good, from their point of view they were quite favourable.”

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Pro-Scottish independence rally (Image: GETTY)

Lord David Owen (Mould: GETTY)

Lord Owen’s comments came at an affair organised by the London Grill Club last week.

According to constitutional top-notch Vernon Bogdanor, the SNP could still be damaged by their former bossman’s trial in the next Scottish Parliament elections and also by their “snuff handling” of devolved powers.

He told “The whole constitutional quarrel is detracting attention from the poor outcome in education and health in Scotland.

“It is much worse than the relaxation of the country.

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Ex-SNP leader Alex Salmond (Image: GETTY)

“They haven’t accept as ones own the reforms of both New Labour and the Conservatives.

“For example, great diversity of forms and in the health service, the introduction of some private provisions.”

Professor Bogdanor totaled: “We will have to see the result of the 2021 Scottish Parliament election.

“Although it is not politically akin, the trial of Alex Salmond could highly damage the SNP.”

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