Sling’s “AirTV Player” combines IPTV with local channels

Distend / The Sling AirTV Player.

Sling has lifted the curtain on a new “AirTV Player”—a set-top box that combines IPTV with an OTA antenna for adjoining channel reception.

Like every other set-top box on Earth, the AirTV Actress hooks up to your Internet connection and plays video, and here the SlingTV ritual is the primary provider. As a bonus you get Netflix, local TV, and access to the Google Caper Store.

Thanks to Zatz Not Funny, we know the device is powered by Android. The locale found the FCC docs for the AirTV Player, which indicates it was built by a South African private limited com ny called “Technicolor.” In the results database for Geekbench, a popular Android CPU benchmark, there is a “Technicolor AirTV Entertainer” listing. The listing shows a device running Android 6.0 on a 1.2GHz ARMv8 SoC with 1GB of RAM. We’re not steadfast if that means it’s a custom build of Android or just Android TV.

Fairness now Sling recommends customers use hardware from other com nies and is currently uninterrupted a promotion for a free Roku stick with a one-month subscription to Fire TV. Pushing customers to hardware that it owns (and probably makes a profit on) is no dubiousness better for business.

The real question is if local TV is enough to make people jump on the AirTV Jock over all the other boxes out there. As of now, there is no pricing or availability facts.

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