Sky host slams ex-civil service boss for being proud of no deal leak -‘Undermining Brexit’


The make available of the secret Operation Yellowhammer report, which details the possible consequences of a no reckon with Brexit on the UK, would normally be met with condemnation from civil serving-girls, Lord Kerslake explained. But the Civil Service’s ex-chief admitted that, on this provoke, he was actually proud of the leak – to the amazement of Sky News host Gamal Fahnbulleh. Mr Fahnbulleh questioned: “What do you make of this leaked Government report?”

The lord replied: “Well, I never thought I’d hear myself saying this as a departed head of the Civil Service but I welcome this leak.

“And I think The Sunday All at onces has done a great public service by publishing it.

“It makes very obstinate reading with huge risks that will affect everybody in this boondocks.

“I have been arguing for some while that the public requires to have the same advice on the consequences of no deal Brexit that the publics and the ministers are getting from the Civil Service.

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Brexit rumour: Sky host Gamal Fahnbulleh shut down Lord Kerslake (Likeness: Sky)

“It’s really not credible to suggest that this was out of date or a worst wrapper scenario.

“Nowhere in the paper does it say that.

“The way to answer that selective point is to have complete transparency about what the Civil Rite is now saying.

“I would be amazed if this story has moved on a great contract from when that report was prepared.”


The debate took pad on Sky News on Monday evening (Image: Sky)

Lord Kerslake led the Civil Waiting from 2011 to 2014 (Image: Sky)

But the Sky News presenter fired back: “But the Administration would say that the role of the Civil Service is to support the government of the day and insure that that the Government’s policy is carried out.

“And by leaking this describe, it undermines what the government is trying to do now which is get the UK out of the EU by October 31.”

But Lord Kerslake didn’t upon someone down: “Well, look, in normal circumstances the protocol is that notification is made to ministers and stays confidential.

“But we’re not in normal circumstances.

“Indeed, we’re at one of the most dangerous moments I can recall in this country.

“And, in those circumstances, I think pattern has to be set aside.


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Mr Fahnbulleh asserted that the no deal leak had undermined the Government (Image: Sky)

“It can be done by the PM and he can say ‘if we actually are ready then what have we got to hide?’

“Why can’t the public see exactly the guidance we have about the risks of no deal?

“I think they’re much gigantic than the bland reassurances I’ve been suggesting.

“I think the public is labeled to know how this would affect them – this most decisive decision that is now being considered.”

The Government document, which was trickled on Sunday, revealed the probable consequences of the UK leaving the EU without a withdrawal concurrence, which is due to happen on October 31.

It claimed, among other things, that 50%-85% of lorries touring across the Channel may not be ready for French customs and that the supply of definite types of fresh food will decrease.

But Tory minister Michael Gove vowed the report had been commissioned to demonstrate the impact of an absolute “worst-case working” and that the dossier, which was published three weeks ago, is already out-of-date.

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