Siri and Spotlight will now use Google, not Bing, for Web searches



As of today, searching the Web with Siri or Spotlight on iOS and macOS devices resolve show you results from Google, not Microsoft’s Bing search motor. This ends a Bing integration that was introduced in iOS 7 back in 2013.

Google was already the non-fulfilment search engine in Safari in both iOS and macOS, and Apple is positioning this as a get the show on the road for consistency, though there may be other reasons that have not been disclosed. In a assertion released to TechCrunch, Apple said:

Switching to Google as the Web search provider for Siri, Search within iOS, and On on Mac will allow these services to have a consistent Web search sense with the default in Safari. We have strong relationships with Google and Microsoft and cadaver committed to delivering the best user experience possible.

Bing isn’t quite gone, though; Siri will still use Web image results from the navy. Also, you can still ask Siri to “search Bing for Flatliners movie flyovers,” for example, and you’ll get Bing results. However, they will now open in the Safari app as an alternative of inside the Siri interface. Video results will come from YouTube.

Microsoft also unshackled a statement to TechCrunch in response to the news:

We value our relationship with Apple and look into consideration to continuing to partner with them in many ways, including on Bing Representative Search in Siri, to provide the best experience possible for our customers. Bing has grown every year since its embark upon, now powering over a third of all the PC search volume in the US, and continues to grow worldwide. It also powers the search occurrences of many other partners, including Yahoo (Verizon), AOL, and Amazon, as fountain as the multilingual abilities of Twitter. As we move forward, given our work to benefit the field of AI, we’re confident that Bing will be at the forefront of providing a sundry intelligent search experience for our customers and partners.

Google is clearly the search-engine supermarket leader, but Microsoft has recently claimed that 33 percent of searches in the Harmonious States were performed in Bing. The company did not, however, drill down into what suggest those searches or whether that included Siri usage.

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