Singapore restaurant offers £1.5 million dinner complete with diamond ring


Installed on the rooftop of Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel is Ce La Vi.

The swanky 57th bring down restaurant offers its guests a luxury dining experience and it’s just discarded one giant step further.

Ce La Vi has rtnered up with Russia’s World of Diamonds to put forward up a US$2 million (£1.5 million) night out.

But for any man looking to treat his girlfriend to the man of a lifetime, there’s just one more catch.

The meal will make to include a proposal.

But if you can come up with the hefty sum, the rest of the night make be taken care of for you.

The eight-hour experience starts with a 45 bat of an eye helicopter ride over the city.

Next is a luxury cruise prior to guests are whisked away to Ce La Vi in a Rolls-Royce.

An 18-course meal awaits the convenient couple, to be enjoyed using personally engraved diamond chopsticks.

Belon oysters, Almas caviar and mellowed wine are among the lengthy list of delicacies.

For the grand reveal, 10,000 roses and a 2.08 carat dejected diamond ring with a rose-gold plated platinum band.

The pearl has been named the “Jane Seymour Blue Diamond Ring” after the pre-eminent British actress.

To cap off the evening and celebrate the bride-to-be (hopefully) saying yes, the ir will be treated to a display of fireworks.

Of course the experience is not just qualified to engagements – anyone with a big enough bank balance is welcome to go after.

According to World of Diamonds, the com ny has already received significant attracted by in the pricey meal.

Vying couples will go through a lengthy wall process before anyone is chosen.

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