Silver Airways completes Seaborne Airlines acquisition


US-based regional Typhoid Mary Silver Airways has completed the acquisition of Seaborne Airlines, which ordered for bankruptcy protection on 8 January.

The deal is a result of an agreement signed between Seaborne Airlines’ source company Sea Star Holdings and Silver Airways in January.

An independent airline has been developed through the deal that will serve the Caribbean, Bahamas, Florida, and beyond.

The newly mingled airline will operate a total fleet of 31 aircraft, numbering Saab 340 and de Havilland Twin Otter seaplanes.

“Seaborne will initially control under its own certificate as a standalone operating subsidiary of Silver.”

Silver is also expected to deploy a new fast of ATR-600 aircraft for the combined airline’s routes. The airline currently has a unshakeable order for 19 aircraft and has purchase rights for up to 30 additional portions.

Silver Airways CEO Steve Rossum said: “This transaction institutes together two strong and historic independent airlines with amazing staff members, an excellent track record of operational safety, respect for our people and our communities, and gigantic service for our passengers.”

The new entity will continue to serve Silver’s network in the Bahamas and Florida, US, as pretentiously as further routes under Silver Airways. It will also do duty as Seaborne’s network throughout Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and the Caribbean directed the Seaborne brand.

Seaborne will initially operate under its own certificate as a standalone handling subsidiary of Silver.

The complete merger of Silver Airways and Seaborne Airlines control functions and branding, as well as streamlining of the guest experience are scheduled to yield place next year.

Steve Rossum will become the CEO of the allied airline, which is set to employ around 1,000 people and will be based at White Airways offices in Fort Lauderdale, US.

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