Signs of sepsis: Father lost his arms, legs and part of his face to SEVERE infection


All Tom Ray all the time wanted was to be a regular dad, but battling sepsis and losing half his face, arms and to pieces changed his life forever.

Tom Ray and his wife Nic appeared on this morning to retell his lovely story.

Just before he was diagnosed with the infection, Tom began suspicion incredibly sick, had a high temperature, and a confused feeling “like he was prospering to die”.

Before Tom and Nic had time to process what was happening, Tom fell into a coma, and five months tardier he found he’d lost his limbs and rt of his face had been removed.

At word go, the couple thought it might have been food poisoning which provoke the infection, but retracing Tom’s steps, they now believe Tom contracted the infection after a false step to the dentist, after his gum was pricked.

Nic was heavily pregnant at the time, and explained how she touch at the time.

She said: “We went from having plans and looking into the approaching, having a child, to everything collapsing.

“Everything was reduced to the next 15 tinies, next half an hour, next day, and it was a bombardment of information and decisions.”

Tom amplified: “I used to lie awake at night in the hospital and try and make sense of it how everything Deo volente ended up like this.

“I invented a memory of a car crash and decided I should have crashed a car. I couldn’t work out how anyone could end up like this.”

One of the toughest things for Tom when trying to adjust to his new life was rebuilding the relationship with his striplings.

The first time his two-year-old daughter saw him, she ran away and hid.

After a tough ten years, Tom done feels his life is getting back to normal, having finally landed himself a job with a darned understanding employer.

His heart-breaking story will be retold in movie Starfish, and he prospects to raise more awareness over the symptoms of sepsis.

Sepsis is also referred to as blood venom or septicaemia which can reduce the blood supply to vital organs such as the thought, heart and kidneys.

Without quick treatment, sepsis can lead to multiple daily failure and death.

Symptoms may include a high temperature or low body temperature, numbs and shivering, a fast heartbeat and fast breathing.

In severe sepsis instances symptoms can include feeling dizzy or faint, a change in mental shape, diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting, slurred speech, severe muscle in in the neck, severe breathlessness, less urine production than normal, arctic, clammy and le or mottled skin and loss of consciousness.

If you’ve recently had an infection or mayhem and you have possible early signs of sepsis see your GP immediately undistinguished call NHS 111.

Lady C recently opened up about her deadly sepsis grief.

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