Shock survey reveals Britons would use driverless cars to get home from binge at the PUB


And others whispered they would welcome autonomous cars because they could be dressed a nap on the motorway.

Two drivers even thought they would be able to from sex at the wheel while the car drove itself.

The alarming possibilities presented by driverless machines were exposed in two se rate surveys.

A survey for The Co-op Insurance originate that 22 per cent of young drivers thought that if they had a driverless car they would be skilled to drink as much alcohol as they wanted and then get behind the disc and let the vehicle take them home.

And 24 per cent thought that while at the where of a self-driving car they would be able to have a snooze.

Meanwhile a inspect by found that one in four drivers would grab the unintentionally to have a nap on a motorway if they had a driverless car.

Others said they desire take the chance to chat to fellow ssengers, surf the web or watch TV.

One in three suggested motorways would be the best roads to have a car that drives itself consideration the high speed of the traffic.

Half of those polled said they wish surrender control to the computer in a traffic jam while one in five thought an autonomous car disposition be useful in a city.

But the survey of 900 motorists also initiate great overall suspicion of the new technology.

Half the drivers said they determination feel unsafe or very unsafe behind the wheel of a self-driving car.

The biggest considerations, each shared by one in three drivers, was that a driverless car could not keep off an accident or that it would take away the enjoyment of being on the street.

The prospect of driverless cars allowing motorists to opt for dangerous activities go for drinking and driving raises serious concerns.

Steve Kerrigan of The Co-operative Guaranty said: “This research has shown that young drivers are at sixes and uninformed about self-driving cars.

“Many even mistakenly have faith that you will be able to drink alcohol and sleep it off whilst you are moved home.”

But an AA spokesman said: “If you are behind the wheel of a driverless car you are yet responsible.

“There cannot be any sleeping or getting drunk and letting the car acquire you home.

“If that is what you are looking for you would be better off saving your filthy rich and getting a train or a taxi.

“It is also not clear whether, if you are at the wheel of a driverless car, in self-drive condition, you would still be prosecuted by the police if you were caught using your flexible phone.

“It all boils down to the fundamental question of who is responsible for a driverless car – the industrialist or the person behind the wheel.”

RAC Foundation director Steve Gooding, give the word delivered: “The real problem lies with semi-autonomous vehicles where the car does the press until something goes wrong and a human has to take over.

“At this aspect being drunk or asleep is not an option.

“In theory the idea of our cars picking us up from the pub is a usefulness one. But alcohol and technology rarely mix.

“Plenty of us will have made a drunken phone supplicate b reprimand we rather wouldn’t have and the chances of making an error when we try to routine our autonomous car to take us home to bed after a few drinks must be high.

“We superiority not be driving but are we still liable for what the vehicle does and where it increase b explodes?” said many autonomous car technologies are already being tailor-made to cars such as blind spot monitoring, automated emergency hold up and radar-governed cruise control.

Government-backed trials are already being changed, with driverless cars to be tested on UK motorways as early as next year.

But pertains were raised in February when a driverless car being tested in California by Google smash into a bus – the first known accident involving one of the new vehicles. leader director, Jim Holder, said: “It’s clear that autonomous ssenger cars have a way to go before the concept is truly adopted by the motoring public.

“Half the drivers we talked to ss on feel happiest allowing their car to take over in a traffic jam, when the hazard is minimal, while hardly any of them would feel safe contract out their car guide them along urban and country roads.

“So it’s possibly a surprise that so many would feel alright about being piloted down some of the speediest roads – and then even more of a shock that so many longing feel able to take a nap.”

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