Shaw earnings show decline in cable & satellite customers


Shaw Communications Inc. ventures despite hard times in Western Canada, it’s making no changes to its 2016 envisions and expects this year’s operating income benchmark will be stale or slightly higher than in fiscal 2015.

The Calgary-based com ny made the advertisement with its first-quarter report Thursday, a day after it announced plans to blow the whistle on Shaw Media in a $2.65-billion deal and a month after it proclaimed plans to buy Wind Mobile for $1.6 billion.

Those deals are watched to close by the end of Shaw’s fiscal third quarter, which ends May 31, and until then the gathering says it will continue to operate along previously announced arrangements.

It continued to lose consumer “revenue generating units” — or RGUs — but at a easier ce than in the previous quarter ended Aug. 31. The 2016 from the word go quarter showed fewer terrestrial phone, satellite video and chain video consumer customer RGUs, and a slight improvement in Internet RGUs.

In the three months the last straw Nov. 30, Shaw had $1.42 billion of revenue, up 2.2 per cent from a year earlier. Go income before restructuring costs and amortization, one of Shaw’s guidance benchmarks, was $626 million, up 3.3 per cent.

Net gains was $218 million or 43 cents per share, down from $227 million or 46 cents per due. Shaw said the decline was mostly because of higher taxes and amortization, which is a non-cash expense.

Charitable cash flow — what’s left after current debt duties and operating expenses — was $173 million, down from $193 million for a year earlier. Shaw replied the decline was due to timing of planned capital spending.

“Up against a difficult profitable backdrop in Western Canada, we are pleased with our first quarter outcomes,” Shaw chief executive Brad Shaw said in a statement.

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