Sharapova to be back in WTA rankings after 3 tournaments in 2017


Russian tennis heroine Maria Sharapova, who is currently under suspension on doping-related charges, last wishes as return to the ranking list of the Women Tennis Association (WTA) following her interpretation at three official tournaments next year, a senior official with the Russian Tennis Alliance (RTF) told TASS on Oct. 24.

According to the newly published weekly ranking register of the WTA, former World’s No.1 Sharapova dropped out of the global top-100 female tennis contestants.

“Sharapova’s de rture from the WTA ranking list is a matter of technical details,” RTF Evil-doing President Alexei Selivanenko said in an interview with TASS. “She requires to take rt in at least three tournaments in order to regain her point of view in the ranking list.”

“She lost the minimal required quota (to stay in the scatological list) of three tournaments since she had not played since the beginning of this year,” Selivanenko claimed. “However, she will resume playing next year and, as soon she fences in three tournaments she will be back in the ranking list.”

Sharapova removed from Women's Tennis Rankings

“There are no mistrusts that she will be granted wild-cards from tournaments’ organizers and she wishes return to the ranking list,” he added.

Sharapova, who is currently under delaying over anti-doping rules violations, have been allowed by the Supranational Tennis Federation (ITF) to play at exhibition matches before her ban expires.

The tennis gambler has been serving a two-year suspension for the violation of anti-doping regulations since Jan. 26. Be that as it may, the Swiss-based Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) ruled Oct. 4 to reduce her deferment term from 24 to 15 months.

The Russian player is now single to officially return back to tennis courts starting April 26 next year.

Origin: TASS

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