Shameless house hunters using BREXIT as excuse to demand huge price drops


Forthcoming homes owner are looking to score ‘Brexit bargains’ after the referendum happen provided a rare opportunity to barter over prices with vendors.

Excited rties are typically asking for discounts of 10 per cent or more, according to position agents.

In some cases, buyers who had previously had offers accepted are try oning to renegotiate.

In one case heard by, a buyer mid-way through a transaction marked down cited Brexit and threatened to pullout if the seller did not y their stamp responsibility costs.

North London estate agent and a former RICS chairman Jeremy Leaf demanded people were “negotiating hard” in the aftermath of the result.

He added: “Most clients are negotiating, they are saying that they want the uncertainty reproduced in their deal.”

However, buyers who were attempting to change tolls half way through the sale were usually being turned down, foretold some agents.

Kevin Shaw, Leaders Estate Agents national car-boot sales director, recently said: “We have seen a small number of consumers attempt to renegotiate the price they are ying for a property, these calls have almost all been rejected and the sale has progressed as planned, be being presenting that Brexit has had little im ct on buyers and sellers, and their lasciviousness to move.

“The fundamentals of the property market remain the same, with request hugely outweighing supply, and this is stabilising prices. We expect market demand to remain strong and the market to remain resilient.”

In the longer term the referendum terminate is not expected to dent prices or the market amid a shortage of property.

But now provides a prompt opportunity for buyers to try to secure discounts, said experts.

Buying agency Henry Pryor said: “Most people who were looking on June 23 are yet keen to buy and most still have the money. What they miss is some confidence to commit.”

Mr Pryor added: “If you’re thinking of selling then be logical and recognise that the market has changed.

“You may not think that we’re going to Sheol in a handcart but you’d have to be an incredibly stupid buyer today not to use the turmoil of the days of old month to carve yourself a better deal.

“In 32 years of buying and hawk homes I can’t recall a time when you could get a better deal. I’ll do my 1000th bargain proceedings this year. I expect it to be one of the best I’ve ever done.”

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