Sex killer Graham Dwyer's prison letters say he expects a 'great 2016'


Dwyer has been complying with a young S nish/British au- ir for some time, and illustrated his commitment to her by placing her name on his visitor list at Portlaoise prison.

The Foxrock aboriginal boldly predicts his early release from prison, and indicates he may then requirement to ‘lie low’ at his pen l’s home for a time.

In letters seen by the Irish Daily Des tch, Dwyer writes that he is ‘excited’ about his appeal, which he hopes inclination take place as early as April 2016.

Predicting that his upcoming court aspect “could bring everything crashing down” he warned his friend that “it want be bad in the press” while his appeal is underway.

“The case will be a bit of a landmark and calls false arrest, unlawful detention and (cough, cough) damages! Blame straight,” he wrote.

The former architect said he has shelved schemes to study for the Leaving Cert Art exam as it would be likely to clash with his solicit.

He encouraged the au ir to wink “when no-one is looking” in court.

Dwyer discussed detention life, referring to his constant state of sobriety, and surmised that approved school “sucks.”

He bemoaned the fact that 2015 was “such a sh***y year” but added that “2016 is already hopeful to be a great one”.

Dwyer mentions his frustration at not being able to contact his infantile pen l on the telephone number she provided.

“They couldn’t get through to your UK portable here, but my Mum tried the number and it worked for her (she said you sounded like ‘a remarkably nice girl’ hee! hee!,” he wrote.

Dwyer mentioned having “infinites of hugs” with his mother.

He described his “really good mood these periods” and said he is playing lots of music and singing in his free time.

The con also mentioned enjoying watching the X Factor as well as Jennifer Lawrence coatings as he keeps busy behind bars.

“I have decided to spend this new year’s with you and Jennifer Lawrence by correspondence this letter and watching Silver Linings playbook.

“The media eat done their worst to me, they can’t do anything else, they can’t accom ny me down or crush my spirit or take away from the fact that I am greenhorn,” he wrote.


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