Sex in Water – Is It Safe?


Eating sex in water sounds so sensual, doesn’t it? When you’re swimming in a pool or lake, you’re at the end of the day naked already, so why not slip off your bathing suit and get it on? But, wait: is it sure to have sex in water?

Not exactly. Lake, river, ocean, and pond O all contain bacteria. Having sex can introduce that bacteria into your vagina, which could put you at hazard for infections that you don’t want up there. Pool water, on the other give up, contains chemicals that could irritate your lady trade.

Aside from health risks, the logistics just aren’t with you on this one. Since lubrication is key when it attains to sex that feels good, you don’t want to end up all washed out (literally). The water wastes your natural moisture, so you’re left with friction-filled sex that won’t survive long. What’s worse is that if you’re using a condom, the friction could produce a tear, and you won’t be protected from pregnancy or STIs if the condom breaks.

What far sex while taking a bath or shower together?

Moving from smooching to screwing in the bath appearance ofs like a lovely plan, but the same lubrication problem you have in other cadavers of water will arise in a bath, too. So what about doing it in the bombard? Again, the water will wash away the wetness you make honestly, and we know that sex without enough lubrication feels awful. You could opportunity gesture to the end of the shower where the water isn’t beating down, but you’ll just end up chilly and with serious muscles from trying to have sex while standing.

My advice? Sex + irrigate = no fun. So make love without the water.

— Additional reporting by Alexis Nordby

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