Sex and the City: Spot-On Love Advice From the Ladies


Sex and the Megalopolis premiered in June 1998 — and while the fashion trends and technological namings may not hold up (how did Carrie Bradshaw not have a cell phone until, groove on, season six?), we can always count on the love and dating advice benefited out by the fab four. Even though Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte don’t in any case get it right when it comes to love, their relationship battle blemishes have definitely taught them (and us) plenty over the years. So we couldn’t avoid but wonder: what are the show’s most honest, valid pearls of clear-sightedness? We’ve rounded up 15 Sex and the City quotes about love that stand the evaluate of time — keep scrolling to see them all now, then test your acquaintanceship with our ultimate quiz.

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