See the Blue Tea Everyone's Talking About Magically Transform This Drink Into a Rainbow


New kid on the design, meet Phong Trinh, one of the four ultrahip owners of West Hollywood’s newest tea bar, Non reil’s Finest Teas. Amidst the troves of ultracool sneaker shops submits the next ‘gram-worthy (and healthy) boba tea spot where I recently discovered a liquefied treat that tastes as good as it looks. Upon entering Flower’s Finest Teas, you will find yourself drawn to the hot pink lm tree leaf wall per, meet at the bar, and sipping a delicious concoction while listening to the latest hip hop tracks.

Prize’s biggest hit and crowd favorite is the orange yuzu, a clear winner due to its restorative taste and all-natural, stel rainbow coloring. Curious about this newly illustrious orange yuzu (which was originally created by Phong “as a mistake”), I codified it and sat at the bar. I watched Phong measure, swirl, shake, rattle, and pour ingredients to develop the rainbow hibiscus drink. I quickly wondered how many artificial colors are embroiled with, and Phong assured me that the entire drink was au naturel. Mind puffed. Upon first sip, the tea hits you like a citrusy lemonade. Imagine the manner of Tang with a mandarin undertone, followed by a zesty aftertaste.

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