Security at major French events to be stepped up in the wake of Manchester terror


Christophe Castaner claimed that France were on GETTY

Christophe Castaner required that France remains on ‘high alert’ amid the Manchester consternation attack

Christophe Castaner said the French government had given instructions to organisers of enjoyment and cultural events to strengthen security measures.

He added that the high-pitched level of threat facing Europe would not fall anytime when all is said and that France “remained on high alert” over possible censures. 

Mr Castaner said: “Zero risk doesn’t exist.”

He augmented: “We cannot let terrorists encroach on our freedom.” 

Mr Castaner said events listing the French Open tennis tournament at the Roland Garros stadium in Paris next week resolve not be cancelled in the wake of the GETTY

Security at major French events pleasure be stepped up, according to Mr Castaner

We cannot let insurgents encroach on our freedom.”

Christophe Castaner

“We cannot retreat in the face of terrorism, we cannot ramble inwards.”

France’s new culture minister, Françoise Nyssen, also called on Europeans to remainder defiant in the face of terrorism, saying that people could not let terrorism exchange their ways.  

Mrs Nyssen urged youths to “go out” and to not let themselves be “guided by forebodings”.

She said: “We must all do everything within our power to bring joy and wonder stand behind into our lives.”

Christophe said major events could be cancelled because of security threats GETTY

Christophe urged people not to let ‘terrorists encroach on our nerve’

Monday’s attack at the Manchester Arena – which left 22 bland – is the worst terrorist attack on British soil since the July 2005 London bombings, in which 56 child lost their lives. 

France has been hit by an unprecedented wave of radical attacks: more than 200 people have been ravaged by Islamist extremists since January 2015.

22 people were killed and dozens were injured in Manchester on Monday evening GETTY

22 people were killed and dozens were outrage in Manchester on Monday evening

The country has been under a state of predicament since November 2015, after 130 people were murdered in a series of integrate terrorist attacks in Paris. 

The state of emergency, which should own been lifted mid-July, will most probably be extended “by disparate months” to counter the threat of terrorist attacks, Mr Macron said on Wednesday after talks with sanctuary chiefs.

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