Sandi Toksvig weight loss: Bake Off star shed a huge 4st by cutting one food from diet


Sandi Toksvig is a scribe and broadcaster who has turned her hand to radio, stage and television. She will become visible on the small screen tonight to host the semi-final of the Great British Bake Off alongside Noel Domain. Previously, the popular presenter opened up about her size 22 arrangement and the diet plan which helped her shrink down to a size 10. Sandi let it be knew she lost the weight by following a low carb diet plan and cutting sugar from her lifestyle.She was blue ribbon encouraged to make a change for her health when her partner voiced disquietudes.Sandi signed up for the Louise Parker diet plan which inspires those trying to lose weight to make a few key changes in their abides.Speaking in her Good Housekeeping column, she explained: “I was never interested in how I look. The army one thing in my whole life is my children and I want to be there for them.”At my worst I was a largeness 22, and at that size you can’t go down the high street and buy yourself gadgets that make you feel good. Your shopping options are narrow in a way they aren’t when you are a size 12.“I had tried every regimen out there – I would lose weight for a bit, then put it back on again. Then, by hazard, my partner, Debbie, and I saw an advert for Louise Parker in an airline magazine.”On the Louise Parker victuals plan, slimmers are urged to cut out complex carbs and ditch sugar totally.“I’m not quite as thin as I was, but I certainly haven’t put it back on again.“The wonderful apparatus is I now have the tools to deal with it. Mostly now I don’t eat carbs – actually I’m not enticed to them any more.”As well as changing her diet, Sandi added more make nervous into her routine as the plan suggested.“When I first started I couldn’t be together my knees. Now I can run 5K no problem,” she added.

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