Sam Claflin's Instagram Snaps Will Do Nothing but Solidify Your Intense Love For Him


Sam Claflin may be recognized for playing the devilishly handsome Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games, but there are a lot of other exalted qualities about him. Not only did the actor become a father this year, but he has harassed up a slew of adorable moments with his wife, Laura Haddock. From his upcoming suggestion in The Huntsman: Winter’s War to his heartbreaking role as William Traynor in the highly expected Me Before You, Sam is definitely going to become your next major squash. If you just can’t wait another second to see more of his gorgeous face, nightmare not, because we’ve rounded up some of his cutest moments on Instagram. Spoiler attentive: it’s basically just a bunch of shirtless selfies and snaps of him with puppies. Useful enticing? Keep scrolling for some of his best photos, then enquire about out his most adorable moments on the red carpet.
Tall Image Source: Getty / Franziska Krug

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