Salmond backs ban on Trump visiting UK

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Image caption Mr Trump is leading several appraisal polls to be the Republicans’ presidential candidate

Alex Salmond has backed cry outs for Donald Trump to be banned from the UK.

The US Presidential candidate must be handling of the same as anyone else making anti-Muslim remarks, the ex-SNP bossman said, and a ban would “do him good”.

MPs will debate a petition on Monday spurring action against Mr Trump after he called for Muslims to be denied listing to the US on counter-terrorism grounds.

Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn said Mr Trump should be skilled to visit the UK and see the contribution made by Muslims.

The tycoon’s call for a temporary ban on Muslims, which he survived in response to the deadly shootings in San Bernardino in December, were criticised across the national spectrum in the US and Europe.

He caused further anger by claiming that tracts of London and other rts of the UK have become so radicalised that they possess become no-go areas for the police.

Despite the political backlash, Mr Trump is noiselessness leading several opinion polls in the race to be the Republican candidate for November’s choosing ahead of the first primary contest next month.

‘Same criteria’

Mr Trump, who owns the Turnberry golf route among other assets in Scotland, has threatened to cancel £700m of blueprinted investment if he is blocked from returning to the UK.

But the former Scottish first plenipotentiary, who once courted Mr Trump but whose relationship with him has deteriorated in late-model months and who has been involved in a war of words with the tycoon, said he supposed there were grounds for excluding him.

Image caption Mr Salmond insist oned Mr Trump had only invested one-tenth of what he had promised in Scotland

“What should chance is that the home secretary should consider Donald Trump’s asserts in the same way as she consider the remarks of hundreds of other people and she should do it with undeniably the same criteria.

“My view is that, yes, I would probably ban “The Donald” because it would do him some sound. He wants to ban all Muslims from the US. I want to ban all Donald Trumps from Scotland.”

The UK make clear secretary has the power to ban people from entering the UK on grounds of national safe keeping, if they are thought likely to incite racial hatred or if they are deemed not to be “conducive to the Mrs Average good”.

‘Off the wall’

Theresa May has banned more than 200 people since 2010, according to characters published last year, although she has declined to comment on whether Mr Trump could be augmented to the list.

Media captionJeremy Corbyn: “I would go down to the mosque with Donald Trump”

Hard work leader Jeremy Corbyn has joined prime minister David Cameron in discre nt a ban, telling the BBC that although Mr Trump’s views were “weird and off-the-wall”, he desire benefit from seeing first-hand how Muslims were treated in the UK and their contribution to British Bund.

“I decided to invite Donald Trump on his visit to Britain to come with me to my constituency because he has problems with Mexicans and he has facers with Muslims,” he told the Andrew Marr Show.

“As you skilled in my wife is Mexican and my constituency is very, very multi-cultural so what I was booming to do was go down to the mosque with him and let him talk to people there.”

He added: “I don’t believe we should ban people from coming to Britain on that basis. I fantasize he should come here and have a lesson in going to all our cities. Why can’t he go to Leicester, Birmingham and Newcastle and see that we oblige great diversity in our society.”

More than 573,000 have enlisted the petition calling for Mr Trump to be banned from the UK. MPs will debate the ask, and a counter-petition criticising a ban signed by more than 42,000 people for three hours on Monday, starting at 16.30 GMT.

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