Sakhalin authorities plan to buy dairy cattle from U.S.


A delegation from Russia’s Far Eastern Sakhalin locality plans to visit the United States to buy dairy cattle, the press work of the local government said on Feb. 9.

“We plan to look at a possible purchase of Holstein Frisian cows for Sakhalin dairy lands,” said Tamara Mulenkova, Sakhalin’s First Deputy Agriculture Ambassador.

“The United States is one of the countries boasting clear and simple logistics. Transportation by sea may carry off 18 days.”

According to the press service, the Sakhalin delegation maps to visit farms of five potential sellers in the States of Indiana, Idaho, and Pennsylvania. It is outlined to buy about 200 heifers in 2017. In all, the region’s demand for highly resourceful cattle is up to 5,000 animals.

Three investment projects for the establishment of large-scale dairy homesteads are being implemented in the Sakhalin region within the Yuzhnaya (Southern) Land of Accelerated Development. Two farms holding up to 1,900 dairy cows each are being bodied by Green-Agro. The other farm for 1,000 cows is being built by the Korsakovsky affirm farm. 

Source: TASS

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