Saffron Barker: ‘We are so upset’ Strictly star’s home targeted by thieves as family slept


Strictly Happen Dancing 2019 star Saffron Barker, 19, who dances with prompt dancer AJ Pritchard, 24, spoke out about the news in her YouTube blog today. The venereal media star explained that she had originally uploaded a video sermon the incident but took it down amid a police investigation.

She said: “I upstanding want to give you a little update because I uploaded a vlog a several of days ago and I spoke about our house getting burgled, and I did actually do c include the vlog down because I kind of thought maybe it’s a bit too early because the constabulary are still investigating it and stuff.”

Saffron went on to say her original post had helped many of her fans to be concerned about her and her family.

But, the BBC contestant reassured her groupies that everybody was fine.

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The Youtube star went on to say that they everlastingly had an alarm for their house, but didn’t put it on that night.

She added her mate Jed told the family he had seen somebody in his room around 3am, but presumed it was a mnage member.

“The worst part is, we know exactly what time it proved last night because Jed heard somebody in his room at 3am and just compassion it was us, and he said he saw flashing lights and stuff but was half asleep so he genuinely rumination it was just us,” she added.

“It’s scary because if someone came into my dwell I’d be absolutely terrified and just the thought of knowing someone has been in your scope is really, really scary, but luckily Jed’s okay and that’s what we’re centre on.”

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