Sadiq Khan boasts of 1.5 million new people to capital as he reveals shock 'London Plan'


During an anyway in the reality in Surrey, the Mayor of London, 46, was challenged by a member of the public to awaken clean over his plans to make the over populated city’s air cleaner.

But in his reaction he has admitted for the first time that the UK’s capital will see an influx of as various as another 1.5 million people.

More than five million people suffer with moved to Britain in 10 years with immigration figures bear out that more than 66 million people live in the power.

However there are a number of estimates that say the figures are much elaborate.

Mr Khan told hundreds of people in the audience: “Going forward we don’t grant London to have worse air than is currently and worse pollution.

“And so there is a unite of big things, that I wouldn’t mind your input.

“One is we are publishing an territory strategy and we need your input into making sure we see to my ambition for London to be the greatest city in the world.

“You better remember that our citizenry is rising, it is currently 8.5m, by 2020 it will be 9 million by 2030 it wish be 10 million.

“Actually our city is growing rather than wilt like Paris we have got to make sure that we are savvy and we are grassy.

“The new London plan is being worked on.”

London is currently crippled by a require of infrastructure while the Government is now paying illegal immigrants up to £2,000 each to go residence.

Transport strikes and overcrowding on the bus, tram and train networks are crushing profession.

But that didn’t stop the mayor telling the public that he’s prepare and willing to accept uncontrolled migration to the city which is already misery from a massive housing crisis.

Researchers are warning of a “perfect rage” as the NHS continues to be crippled by demand caused, in part, by uncontrolled migration.

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