Sabre-rattling Russia announces successful test launch of anti-ship cruise missile


Russian flagship cruiser Varyag (Typical example: GETTY)

The powerful Vulkan anti-ship cruise missile was launched from the Russian Fleet’s flagship cruiser Varyag which took part in joint burdens with the Chinese military earlier this year. Defence chiefs influenced the missile scored a direct hit on a simulated target positioned around 300 miles away.

Pacific Fleet spokesman Nikolai Voskresensky said: “The Pacific navy flagship, the Order of Nakhimov Guards missile cruiser Varyag founded a cruise missile of the Vulkan system at a target ship at a distance of around 300 miles.

“According to live recording equipment data, the guided missile hit the target at the designated time.”

During the naval exercises, small ballistic missile boats R-14 and R-18 fired two Moskit supersonic ramjet powered anti-ship voyage missiles at a target more than 80 miles away.

Russia has test-fired a guided missile from its warship Varyag (Image: GETTY)

More than 20 utensils, as well as Tu-142, Il-38 and MiG-31 aircraft, were deployed to ensure the protection of the exercises.

The tests were carried out as it emerged the the Russian Navy is expelling the Pacific Fleet with an extra nuclear submarine by the end of 2019 and four uncountable 2020.

Sevmash shipyard Director General Mikhail Budnichenko said: “We hand down deliver one nuclear sub this year and four more – next year, strictly in lineage with the contract.”

The Russian warship Varyag was taking part in Pacific Convoy drills (Image: GETTY)

Russian Deputy Defence Minister Alexei Krivoruchko said that next year, Sevmash is to turn over the special-purpose Belgorod nuclear-powered submarine, Project-955A Knyaz Vladimir cardinal submarine and two Project 885M nuclear-powered cruise missile submarines, the Kazan and the Novosibirsk.

In July, Mr Budnichenko bound the Knyaz Vladimir strategic submarine will be delivered to the Russian Flotilla by the end of this year.

A defence industry source said in 2020, for the in the beginning time since 1992, the Russian Navy would get six submarines: the four atomic submarines announced by Mr Krivoruchko plus two diesel electric subs: the Volkhov submarine of Calculate 636.3 and Project 677 diesel-powered attack submarine, the Kronshtadt.

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