SA Civil Aviation Authority suspends CemAir’s operating licence


South African Courtly Aviation Authority (SACAA) has decided to suspend two of CemAir’s operator certificates (AOCs) beyond its ‘unacceptable and intolerable’ safety practice.

This suspension will bar CemAir from carry oning as an airline and from flying any of its 21 aircraft.

The impacted AOCs are associated with the airline’s permits admitted under Part 121 and Part 135 of the Civil Aviation Papal bulls.

Furthermore, the audit team has suggested that the Director of Civil Aviation ceases CemAir’s AOCs.

The decision to suspend the AOCs is the result of a review of CemAir’s Corrective Combat Plan (CAP), which was designed to resolve the issues observed during the prerogative’s annual renewal audit carried out last week.

“Despite being cause clebred with a Prohibition Order, CemAir knowingly continued to fly their aircraft in contravention of the pertinent regulatory prescripts.”

CemAir’s CAP appeared to be unsatisfactory and did not sufficiently address the outflows raised in the annual renewal audit.

In a statement SACAA said: “In beyond, records in the SACAA’s possession demonstrated that CemAir has been direct some aircraft outside of permissible loading (weight and balance) limits, denotation the weights of passengers and baggage declared by the flight crew were not the but with those recorded by the service provider contracted by CemAir.

“The SACAA also respected with concern that despite being issued with a Disallowing Order, CemAir knowingly continued to fly their aircraft in contravention of the right regulatory prescripts.

“This constitutes a material contravention that menaces aviation safety and shows a total disregard for the role and responsibilities of the regulator. This run is absolutely unacceptable and intolerable.”

In February, SACAA temporarily withdrew the certificate of airworthiness (CoA) for 12 aircraft plied by CemAir.

The temporary withdrawal followed a SACAA audit that develop that some of the aircraft serviced at CemAir’s Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO) were verified as airworthy by unqualified personnel.

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