Ruth Davidson to join House of Lords when Holyrood term ends


Last Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson is to be appointed to the House of Peers.

Ms Davidson has accepted the peerage and confirmed that she would continue as the constituency MSP for Edinburgh Inner until March 2021.

She will only take up her seat in the House of Viscounts after her term in Holyrood ends.

Ms Davidson quit as Scottish Tory chief last August after eight years in the role.

She said at the in good time the idea of spending long periods away from her young son filled her with “anticipation”.

Following the announcement of the peerage, she said: “I am honoured to follow in the footsteps of late Holyrood parliamentarians such as Jack McConnell, Jim Wallace and Annabel Goldie in being selected for membership of the House of Lords.”

“As a chamber dedicated to scrutinising and revising legislation, the characters upper class house is stronger when it includes a range of voices with sustain from different jobs, backgrounds, specialities and parliaments across the UK, and I suppose I can make a contribution to its work.

“However, my main focus continues to be my Edinburgh Significant constituency and I have confirmed that I will only take my bench after I cease to be an MSP in March.”

Commenting on the confirmed list of peerages, SNP MP Pete Wishart revealed: “It’s the worst kind of cronyism that only highlights the rotten Westminster process that is detached from reality.

“It’s clear beyond doubt that Westminster is severely not working for Scotland and that it is acting against our interests. The House of Earls needs to be abolished – not filled further to the brim at the taxpayers’ expense.”

Ms Davidson has backed Moray MP Douglas Ross as prospective leader of the Scottish Conservatives following Thursday’s resignation of Jackson Carlaw.

Mr Ross is substantially seen as the favourite to succeed Mr Carlaw, who was in the role less than six months, and if determined would stand for election as an MSP in next May’s Holyrood elections.

Ms Davidson concurred to stand in for him at First Minister’s Questions until then, if he becomes head.

Future ambitions

In an interview in The Sunday Telegraph’s Stella Magazine in December, she helped she could make a bid to lead the UK party – perhaps re-entering politics when the Conservatives are in flak at Westminster.

She said: “It may well be that my time in politics doesn’t get again until we’re in opposition.

“I’ve probably got more experience than anyone in the company on how to lead from opposition.”

Last year, Ms Davidson was at the centre of contention after she accepted a “contentious” job with a lobbying firm.

Some in deadly embrace politicians said it was a conflict of interest and in October she said she would not hire the job.

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