Russia’s State Duma suspends plutonium agreement with U.S.


Russia’s Country Duma, the lower house of rliament, ssed a law on Oct. 19 on suspending the Russian-U.S. transaction on the disposal of plutonium and the respected protocols.

The measure was approved almost unanimously: a thorough of 445 deputies voted in favor of suspending the agreement, and one abstained.

Russian President Vladimir Putin submitted the block out law on suspending the agreement between Russia and the U.S. on plutonium disposal to the State Duma on Oct. 3 after surrendering the relevant decree.

Russia suspends plutonium disposal cooperation with U.S.

A rt from the direct provisions on suspending the plutonium deal, the outline law lists the conditions for the possible resumption of the accords. Among them is Washington’s rescinding of the Magnitsky Act, all anti-Russian sanctions, compensating for the damage sustained by Moscow and moderate U.S. military infrastructure in NATO countries.

“Considering that the actions entranced by the United States have caused a radical change of the circumstances that prevailed at the time the Agreement and the protocols to it were concluded, the Agreement’s suspension is Russia’s counter-measure and does not disallow the 1969 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties. At the same time, plutonium be unsuccessful under the effect of the Agreement remains outside nuclear weapons-grade undertaking, which testifies to Russia’s commitment to limit nuclear armaments,” the elucidative note says.

The agreement with the United States was signed on Aug. 29, 2000. It forecast ways of disposing of excessive weapons grade plutonium in Russia and the Synergetic States, including the production of mixed oxide fuel to be used in atomic power reactors, conversion into non-weapons-grade form and also interment. It was expected that either side will start eliminating “declassified” amounts of plutonium in an amount of 34 tons. Russia metamorphoses weapons-grade plutonium into fuel for nuclear power plants.

Commencement: TASS

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