Russians red-faced after embassy tweets picture of PC game instead of ISIS jihadis


The red-faced formals tweeted on Thursday morning that “extremists near Aleppo made several truckloads of chemical ammo “.

But the news alert was uploaded alongside a screenshot from a computer business rather than a genuine image from the Syrian battlefield.

The visualize, of three green army trucks, actually came from PC plan game Command & Conquer: Generals.

Typing the words ‘bomb stuff’ into Google produces the exact same image as the top result.

Russia’s London embassy then faced a barrage of words ridiculing the blunder.

One jokingly claimed to have identified the ‘extremists’ in query with an image of Lego men clutching AK47 and wearing Arabic headscarves.

Another doctored incarnation of a bearded cat smoking a cigarette carried the tagline: “How about this… I set up the worlds most dangerous Terrorist from Daesh [ISIS].”

A third circulated a screen grab from an Age of Empires-style console game, saying it was “drone footage of [ISIS chief] Baghdadi’s secret hideout”.

Command & Conquer takes place in the in the vicinity future when a fictitious terrorist organisation takes on the two global superpowers America and China who are allied against the troop.

Russia’s UK embassy staff declined to comment on the photo and directed to a full statement on the Syria crisis when contacted for comment.

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