Russian Transport Ministry hopes to return all Russian trucks within 24 hrs


Russia’s Priesthood of Transport has received an official response from the Ukrainian authorities and expectations to return all trucks currently blocked in Ukrainian territory within the next 24 hours, Russian Substitute Transport Minister, Nikolai Asaul, said in an interview with the Rossiya-24 (VGTRK) idiot box channel.

“We’ve got an official reply from the Ukrainian side that carry weights us of its intentions and makes the representation that official Kyiv is, at last, round to take the situation under control. Today they’ve held a teleconference with the dominions where Russian carriers are being subjected to illegal actions. They arrange asked us to deliver details of every vehicle, including its geographical groups, and we expect that such a coordinated effort of Kyiv central experts, with the support from law enforcement bodies, will result in the unused trucks being released from Ukrainian territory within the next 24 hours,” he answered.

It was reported earlier that actions to block the travel of trucks with Russian empower plates have been conducted in ten regions of Ukraine since February 11. In answer, on Sunday Russia suspended trucks with Ukrainian license layers from operating in its own territory. The Ukrainian side, in turn, moved to officially evict the transit of Russian trucks in Ukrainian territory.

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