Russian supermarket starts selling food on credit


As Russians labour to cope with falling incomes, Vladivostok retailer VL-Mart has firm to give its customers the opportunity to buy food on credit, the Vladivostok-based news power PrimaMedia reported on Feb 12.

The cam ign, which according to the VL-Mart data, has already look ated 80 people use this option to buy groceries on New Year’s Eve, was launched in December 2015. The gyve’s clients use this service mainly for buying expensive spirits and bites, reported PrimaMedia.

The initiative allows customers to acquire a shopping possible worth up to 10,000 rubles ($125) for a period of three months with an incite rate of 3-5 percent. Microloans for VL-Mart customers are provided by VL-Finance, the network’s subsidiary.

The hearsay caused a stir on social networks, where some users have on the agenda c trick com red the food credit cards with the food coupons in use in the Soviet Syndicate during periods of food shortages.

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