Russian Sherp ATV: A perfect vehicle for the post-apocalypse


“My aspiration is to go places where no man has gone before,” says Gerasim Dorogin, a businessman from Moscow and one of the opening owners of the Sherp ATV. According to Gerasim, the foreign cars he owned previous to the Sherp couldn’t cope with the obstacles of the Russian off-road and couldn’t traffic in severe frost. “Now I can spend the night anywhere I want. There are two heaters in the car, so the Russian subzero atmosphere is no longer a problem for me. You can also set up a ‘field kitchen’ in the Sherp,” adds Gerasim.

This cross-country means is the brainchild of St. Petersburg engineer Alexei Garagashyan and has already conquered the critics of Jalopnic, Top Gearbox, The Verge, Business Insider and The Daily Mail. Garagashyan told RBTH that the off-roader item faces low pressure tubeless tires and a special tire inflation system that originates it easy to overcome obstacles of any complexity.

“The vehicle moves effortlessly from unreservedly urinate to ice and overcomes barriers 70 cm (27,5 inches) high, be it rocks or fall trees. The ATV was created for Russia’s wide open s ces and is perfect for states with a similar climate,” says the constructor.

Sherp CEO Sergei Samohvalov outlined RBTH that orders for the terrain vehicle were booked for two months to the fore. Most clients are from Russia, but there are also orders from the US and Canada.

  • Motor: 1.5 liter diesel
  • Max. speed: 45 km/h (28 mph) on land, 6 km/h (3,7 mph) in water
  • Superiority: 1300 kg (2860 pounds) with carrying ca city of 1000 kg (2200 thumps)
  • Fuel tank: 60 liters (optional two cans inside the conveyance and inside the wheels, giving an extra 200 liters)
  • Consumption: 3 liters/hour

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