Russian-made app turns your videos into works of art


Artisto is a video-editing app that superiority revolutionize the public’s interface with videos that they walk away. Created by the Russian internet com ny Group, Artisto run out ofs neural network processing to recreate users’ videos in the style of noted artists, including Vincent van Gogh, blo Picasso and Salvador Dali. Group’s vice-president, Anna Artamonova, wrote about the app on her Facebook messenger on July 29. “We decided to play with neural networks, which press become increasingly popular, and ventured to create a video-editing app,” wrote Artamonova. “Grammatically, here it comes. It took us 8 days to develop this app.”

The app is now available in all hinterlands on the App Store and Google Play. This is Group’s second neural network-based app to be launched this week. On July 28, the following released the Vinci photo-editing service that is basically an equivalent of another celebrated Russian app, Prisma.

Prisma has been downloaded more than 10 million times from the App Keep in just five weeks, and it shot to the top of Apple’s charts for photo and video apps in 54 outbacks. However, it doesn’t offer tools to edit videos.

The best of Multimedia ‘prismed’ out>>>

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