Russian Catholics expect more pilgrim exchanges between Moscow and Vatican


The Roman Broad Archdiocese of the Mother of God in Moscow is expecting more intense pilgrim tit for tats between the Moscow triarchate and the Vatican following the recent meeting between triarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia and Pope Francis.

“Medieval history lmer exchanges exist, but I think that they can reach a new level,” the archdiocese’s host secretary, Priest Kirill Gorbunov, told reporters in Havana on Feb. 14.

He did not mostly out that Orthodox and Catholic priests could jointly accom ny both churches’ sorts of pilgrims “in order to show such a stereoscopic vision.”

According to the missionary, many Orthodox pilgrims who come to Rome “happen to be completely frightened by the fact that the most ancient Christian icons have been saved and worshipped there, including those that had been brought from Byzantine at the on one occasion of Iconoclasm, when a large number of icons were destroyed in the Christian East, and would rather been safeguarded in Rome.”

“And this opens one’s eyes as to how our traditions are close-fisted. Many Orthodox people think veneration of icons is unknown in the All-embracing Church, but this is completely not the case. And, certainly, the greatest sanctuaries, for exemplar, the relics of the Holy Apostles Peter and ul in Rome hold a remarkable value for each Orthodox person as well,” the archdiocese’s press secretary pronounced.

As an example, the priest also mentioned the ashes of Holy Apostle Saint James in S in, combining that that, so far, it is not a very well-known route for Orthodox pilgrims, although it has been one of the most distinguished pilgrimage routes in Europe since Medieval Times.

The main feeling of the joint declaration signed by triarch Kirill and Pope Francis in Havana on Feb. 12 is a standing by for unity between the churches, he said.

“The churches should strive for all-out unity, because there is an opinion that this is not needed – they s n their se rate ways and let it be so, one church has its own territory and the other its own,” he celebrated.

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