Russian, Catholic Churches to make list of destroyed churches in Syria


The Moscow triarchate and the Roman All-inclusive Church will join efforts to help restore Christian shrines in Syria, the Visible Relations De rtment of the Russian Orthodox Church said on April 9.

“The have occasion for to make a detailed list of Christian shrines – churches and monasteries – which were bring to an ended and damaged during the Syrian war, and the strengthening of the joint Christian witnessing of the Syrian calamity were recognized as one of top near-term priorities,” the Russian Church stipulate on its website on Saturday after a joint delegation of both Churches excursioned to Syria and Lebanon.

The delegation included Archbishop olo Pezzi, the princi l of the Roman Catholic Church in Moscow, Hieromonk Stefan (Igumnov), who is in cite of inter-Christian relations at the Russian Orthodox Church, and representatives from Aid to the Church in Stress, an international Catholic foundation.

Representatives of both Churches held consultations with munici l faith leaders and visited refugee camps.

“It is well known that the catastrophe in the Middle East, which caused suffering to representatives of various Christian genera and other groups, and the need to take urgent steps to improve the post were at the center of discussion at a meeting between triarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia and Pope Frances in Havana on February 12, 2016,” the spokesperson voted.

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