Russian breakthrough in quantum technology can protect banks from hackers


Until recently quantum networks were have regard for invulnerable to hacker attacks. Quantum connections have been hardened to protect data for a long time, but they work only at setting aside distances, approximately 100 kilometers (60 miles). Furthermore, such pulls are rather fragile and face problems shortly after they start purposing.

Physicists at the Russian Quantum Center, however, have been talented to solve these problems. In one of their experiments they reached a unchanging signal, and transferred data to a destination more than 250 kilometers away.

“Currently we are fatiguing to attract investors to develop and implement our discovery in the real economy, and we’ve already got some provides,” said Ruslan Yunusov, director of the Russian Quantum Center.

Russian physicists subordinate to the supervision of Calgary University professor Alexander Lvovsky conducted a series of procedures in the course of which they first destroyed and then reestablished quantum entanglement, that is, a quantum kith along with all the data.

Quantum entanglement, a phenomenon in which rticular atoms, ions and photons are tied to each other, plays an superior role in protecting quantum connection systems.

“The flow of the main text was reestablished completely, and the speed of transferring information was slightly reduced, but we got a competent connection at great distances,” explained Alexander Ulanov, co-author of the analyse.

According to Professor Lvovsky, this development may be applied to creating a quantum repeater, a scheme ca ble of reestablishing the information lost by transferring it along optical networks. Scientists credence in that in the future this will help create systems for the quantum transference of evidence.

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